Your Adventure Will See You Now. 


Finding where self-care begins and cell reception ends. 

Overland Therapy is a concept that was created based on my experience as a Therapist working with individuals transversing the challenges of life. Before the term, "Overland" was coined, America had a long standing tradition of experiencing the joys, humility, struggles and personal victories found when experiencing the outdoors. 

It was a campfire in the Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis) that first gave me this idea. How was it that a weekend filled with 18 hour days of riding a motorcycle around the dunes with very late nights and very early mornings could make me wake up earlier the following Monday morning feeling more refreshed and ready to take on a week than a lazy weekend filled with nothing? 

I can say that from the scope of therapy self-care is a hell of a drug and self-care means many things to many people. However for me my best self-care is rooted in the Adventurist heart. It is the pursuit of unseen and unexperienced trails and the outdoors as a whole. It is nights under the stars and hours around campfires. This is what I hope to capture through this Blog.


I appreciate and look forward to having you along for this adventure


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