"Jeepy Jeep"


1991 Jeep YJ "Jeepy Jeep"
4.0 AMC I-6, AX15 5-speed
Rubicon Express 4.5 HD Lift
Bilstein 5100's, 4.56:1 Gears
ARB Dana Super 30 (Front), ARB Dana Super 44 (Rear)
On Board Air, Pro Comp MT2's 33x12.5x15
Tuff Stuff Front and Rear Bumpers
Keeper Recovery 12.5K Winch.

The Rig that started it all

I drug this thing home for 800 bucks. The list of what "Jeepy Jeep" needed to be street legal and road worthy was LONG. The list started like most for a 25 year old Jeep at that time. It needed a Catalytic Converter, the Clutch was Shot, every U-joint in the thing was rusted or bad or both. To top it off the ole' jeep was doing it's best impression of the Exon Valdez. But slowly but surely the Jeep turned around. I spent years "overlanding" out of this thing with nothing more than 31's and Ebay lift shackles. While I had always owned 4x4's this was the one that led me into the deepest places I had ever been myself. Whether it's down drainage ditches and back roads during the hunting seasons or forging snow during the winter this rig has taken me everywhere.

Trail PIG

Death Valley Truck Tour 2018

Death Valley Truck Tour 2018

1999 Dodge Ram2500 Cummins "Trail Pig" 
5.9 Cummins I-6 Turbo Diesel, NV4500 5-speed
3.43:1 Gears.
Thuren Soft Ride Coils 2 inch
Fox 2.0 performance shocks Front and Rear
Dana 60 with Detroit TruTrac and Yukon Free Spin Kit
35 Spline inner and Outer Chromoly Axles
Dana 80- Lock Right Locker
285/70R17 Toyo Open Country A/T
Diamond Eye 4 inch Exhaust, Smarty S-03, Edge Boost elbow
Keeper 17.5K Winch/ Logan Fab Bumper
DEEZEE Topsider Boxes 96”

The Next overland build

This truck was a mixture of waiting and perseverance.  I had wanted a 5 speed Dodge 4x4 Diesel since I was 8 years old. I remember riding home in my Dad's 1999 Cummins 4x4 fresh off the Dealer showroom as that little 8 year old boy. I learned how to drive a stick with that truck. As time has progressed from there these trucks always seemed to be outside my price range but on a fateful whim I listed my Tundra at 8am on a Thursday morning, sold my Tundra by 5pm that afternoon and found this truck on Craigslist in St. George, Utah at 6pm the same day. One phone call placed to the only source that I knew would be up for hauling me 500+miles. 

Saturday at 2am my Dad and I and that original '99 Left Orange County for the banzai run to St. George, Utah. My real claim to fame with this truck has to be that within the first 7 days of owning it I had put 2500 miles on it from St. George to Orange County to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This truck was purchased for adventure and the idea of being able to carry more stuff with me than trying to pack "Jeepy Jeep" full of the gear needed to haul two people into the wilderness for a week at a time. 


The Original


1999 Dodge Ram2500 Cummins
5.9 Cummins I-6 Turbo Diesel, NV4500 5 Speed
3.43:1 Gears, Dana 60. Dana 80 Trac Loc
285/75R17 Pro Comp AT Sports, Method Race Wheels NV Matte Black.
Synergy 3 Inch Progressive Lift Coils. Front Fox Shocks 2.5 Pin Top with Reservoirs
Fox 2.0 Performance IFP Rear Shocks. Banks Automind Programmer. Banks 4 inch Monster Exhaust with Power Elbow, Edge boost elbow.  
Logan Metal Fab Front Bumper, Keeper Recovery 17.5K Winch. NFab +6 Nerf Bars.

One Owner WOnder

405,450 miles with one owner. The cost of tires, brakes and Diesel to get to this point have surpassed the initial cost to buy the truck! The best part of this whole story is that the truck was bone stock until 389K miles. I guess once you know your warranty is shot.....you start spending money on it...